What Tinder Can Teach You About Social Selling

The concept of dating and meeting new people has changed through the evolution of apps.

I caught up with a friend who talked me through how Tinder (dating app) has allowed him to meet with so many new individuals that he no longer persists with conventional methods.

Given my curiosity, I asked him to talk me through the Tinder process, which was pretty simple:

1. Set up your profile with a short bio

2. Start browsing through each profile. By swiping left you have indicated no interest in the person, but if you like what you see, swipe right. If the other person swipes right to you, we have a match.

3. Details are provided to both users when a match is met, after which you can message each other and potentially meet in person.

This got me thinking…

In a strange way, the Tinder process can be linked to social selling.

As professionals, we have social media profiles and, in this case, I’ll specifically refer to Twitter and LinkedIn, which we use to connect with potential buyers or strategic partners.

Sure we aren’t swiping left or right, but if we like a profile, we may hit ‘follow’ or send a custom invitation to connect right? To help you better understand the connection here’s our infographic that teaches you four key lessons on how Tinder can help you with social selling.