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How to Turn 70% of Your Prospects into Customers [Infographic]

by Kapil Jekishan
June 14, 2015

According to a study from PeopleMetrics, sales professionals need to go ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to providing a true customer experience.

What does it mean to go above and beyond?

If we look at it from a net promoter score perspective, the study found that scores increased from 37 to 51 when the sales professional went above and beyond. We’ve summarised the 4 key characteristics (credit to HubSpot) below of what it means to go the distance:

1. Communication

This one is a no-brainer  and I’m sure you’ve probably come across the below quote at some point. We often listen with the intent to formulate a reply but what we should be doing is listening to understand.

big problem communication

The only way to deliver a personal solution to each customer is to have an honest understanding of what they want.  Know what your customer needs and when appropriate take notes.

2. Personalisation

By personalising, we don’t mean simply adding the name of your prospect in your presentations. Take it a step further and personalise your content based on their industry and the personas you serve or personalise based on where they are in their buying journey e.g. no point discussing what your social analytics tool can offer when your prospect’s firm is yet to employ a social media strategy.

Why is personalising so important? According to Gartner research, 85% of customers will manage their relationship without even talking to you!

3. Attitude

We can conclusively say that the day of the aggressive sales person are gone and there has been an evolution of the type of attitude that is needed by sales professionals today. It’s all about relationship building and leveraging these to bring about the sale. In a recent SalesITV research, 88% of sales professionals felt that customers value relationships as much as ever.

4. Thoughtfulness

This point comes down to the sales professional character as an individual and their morals or ethics. If your prospect is hosting a charity fundraiser event, perhaps it’s worthwhile attending (it’s for a good cause and you’re increasing the touch points with your prospect). Maybe you had a successful meeting and want to thank them in a more personal way – send them a thank you note (certainly has a stronger effect than email).

What about your sales team or you as a professional – how do you go above and beyond for your customers?

how to convert 70 per cent  prospects into customers infographic

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Kapil Jekishan

Content Crafter & Strategist at Webquacker. Love writing actionable content relating to sales and marketing. Favourite quote "Saying Hello doesn't have an ROI, it's about building relationships."

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  • Its great to know all – thank you very much for sharing I will be implementing these business techniques on my business http://www.olympiapharmacy.com

  • Well .. the hardest thing is to get these prospects …

    My Business: http://lavy-sprays.com

  • Innovative Hometech
  • Gary Grzymkowski

    What I found to be gratifying is a relation between sales and a number of areas of social, economic and political interactions where these basic skills can produce amazing results. I spent 33 years as a first (firing) line of managers for the State of MI, Dept. Human Services (welfare). Our Mission is to help the unfortunate with a safety net and promote future independence. However, within a massive and rigid bureaucracy executive management often issued counterproductive mandates resulting in “negative sales.” DHS employees as a service based entity increasing evolved into an adversarial relationship with clients (customers) where the overall approach is condescending, patronizing and adopting a superiority in treatment. Most detrimental is an absence of truly “listening” or Communication Skills. The attitude of a superiority eliminated any possibility to establish Personalisation, positive Attitude (promoting optimism) and Thoughtfulness defined as dignified treatment and ability to offer alternatives for a customer at a breaking point. As employee and manager I evolved my own approach in the face of unending bureaucratic failures. A respectful greeting and introduction is a given. Opening discussion with a resolve to first “listen” to the needs of the client (customer) and the absolute key to Communication is to “mirror” what they said. Once the customer (or an irate client) realized someone actually cared to “hear” diffused adversarial relations. You conclude with Thoughtful and Empathetic alternatives, not an empty promise to make the sale, but in my case arm myself with resolution to advocate within and offer genuine resources (agencies, organizations) that could bring resolution. The result is a satisfied customer or providing a client with hope where they believed DHS resounded with a declarative and inflexible “No.”

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