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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Hootsuite Professional [Infographic]

by Kapil Jekishan
January 11, 2015

As a Hootsuite ambassador, I often get asked about how Hootsuite works, what the features are and why someone should upgrade from the free version to the Pro account. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I figured we could take advantage of a recent post by social media tools expert, Ian Cleary in which he details a […]

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10 Social Media Tools You Shouldn’t Be Without

by Kapil Jekishan
June 23, 2014

Social media work really well at connecting your brand with a wide public. If you’re just using the platforms themselves, though, you aren’t getting the most out of them. Just about every social media platform you use can be even more useful if you add a few social media marketing tools to your kit to help you manage content. Here are ten of the best:

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5 Free Tools for Creating Viral Content

by Kapil Jekishan
June 15, 2014

Everything you post online is an investment. The best return on that investment comes when other people find your content and decide to share it on their own. Some of the most effective material can take on a life of its own as it goes viral. Creating viral content can be tricky, though, and it takes practice before you can do it consistently.

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5 Tools to Make Your Website Visitors Take Action

by Kapil Jekishan
January 23, 2014

So you’ve got your website up and running and done a little SEO so your website is started to get a bit of traffic. But what about getting this traffic to actually take action on your website, whether it be to purchase, subscribe or call you?

How can you be sure that your website communicates the right message to your readers and guides them to do what you want them to do before leaving your site?

That’s okay…as the common saying goes, there’s an app for that or in today’s post, there are certainly tools for that.

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