Pretisha Patel

Brand & Content Manager

I started Webquacker with the idea that I could connect up-and-coming businesses to the kind of brilliant creative workers and brand management experts they may not have in-house. In that long-ago time (early 2013), what I was picturing for our business model was a real partnership with other ambitious companies that would go far beyond a simple client-vendor relationship. What we've built together over the years exceeds anything I dared to hope for at the beginning.

Today, Webquacker is the vehicle that brings me into contact with exciting, passionate entrepreneurs, and which lets me share ideas with them to help grow their businesses at every stage of development. I feel privileged to be able to spend time getting to know our partners and their companies, and then to be able to tell those companies stories to the world in a way that gets the public excited about our partners' visions.

When I'm not having the time of my life at work, I like to spend my time in creative pursuits. I adore crafts and, if you aren't careful, I'll put you on the list to receive some of my handmade greeting cards. I'm also a whirlwind in the kitchen, and it's official company policy that my spicy chicken wings are the best.

Confession: My current ringtone is “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon.
Interested in Digital marketing events?
At Webquacker, we love to network and connect with industry peers and businesses in Sydney and Australia wide. If you’re interested to in coming along to the next one, leave us your details and we’ll drop you a line.

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